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About Us

Moving Constantly; Closer to our clients.

KRP Consult Education & Migration provides range of services from student counseling to assisting enrollment to migration services and much more. We are a group of companies spread around Australia linking business from all around the world to Australian education providers and assisting the government to fill gaps of skilled migrants. We are an innovative client focused service based company. Find out more about us on following pages while we take you to the journey of our range of services. Proudly, we are achieving the highest possible level of customer satisfaction through the use of our experience and dedication we developed while walking through this journey. Our main strength is we provide all our services in close cooperation maintaining consistent and required level of communication with our customers and for our customers.

VISA HELP emerged its way on education and migration services aiming to serve non-resident Australian residents in terms of enrolment, counselling, migration assistance, visa application and range of other services.

Our team has paired up extremely well in last few years to help outgrow the local economy by boosting Australia’s education system all around Nepal. In order to have a reliable service and recognized status, KRP Consult is an agent certified with MARA and QEAC and has paired with numerous education providers and businesses all around Australia. This has helped us to work on our clients’ interest and dreams. Presenting the range of options to them, we often hear from them about continuing their study that has their interest and that takes them towards their future goal. Aligning to our valued clients’ needs and requirement, we provide free counselling and refer them to the best option. We do not take this just as a business but an opportunity to meet, serve and create a relationship with people from all around the world.

We are here for your service, feel free to contact us for advises and stay on a secured pathway to your dreams. For your ease, we are active on our social media platforms, especially on Facebook, Linked In and Instagram.