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Mission & Vision

Our Ideas Move the World.

Our customers expect us to have both comprehensive detailed knowledge and an understanding of the complete system. This is not a routine task because ultimately, we are talking about customer-specific products, in which we are actively involved in development.

Developing the optimum solution with the clients

Only an agent who precisely understands the requirements of their clients can offer customized solutions. A comprehensive understanding of systems, future-oriented goals, expertise, and consistent customer focus make KRP Consult an esteemed education and migration partner.

From a good idea to the perfect solution

Regulations and policies are now changing quicker than ever before. This is why we combine our quality requirements, our ideas, and our service experts in order to provide up to date information relates to education and migration services that will provide our students and intending migrants with reliable service in the future. These include visa application service, skill assessment application service, course enrollment, health insurance, accommodation arrangement, Professional Year enrollment, NAATI & PTE preparation arrangement as well as career counseling.


Redefining Seamlessness

VISA HELP aims to reach out to every corner of Australia as an agent that not just serve and bid farewell. We aim to gain the trust of an applicant, therefore whenever an application is received, clients do not have to rethink about it until the job is done. We aim to build such a network at the same time it optimizes the chances of gaining another client through the referral program. We believe, if we could provide a satisfiable service, we could create the path of success, therefore providing seamless service to our valued clients.