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Health Care Covers (OSHC & OVHC)

To support international students with more flexible and accesssible options, we have liased with several insurance providers from Australia. This way, student do not have to think of organising it but just decide which would be the best and suitable for them. In Australia, It is mandatory for an international student to have a medical insurance cover or other arrangement with them. This depends on the requirement set to each country by Department of Home Affairs. This is known as OSHC for Overseas Student Health Cover in Australia. Here is the link to find regulations related to OSHC. To find affordable options on OSHC and OVHC, KRP Consult can provide market leading quotes. These quotes are taken from top health insurance providers of Australia. This includes Bupa Health Service, Allianz Health, Medibank, NIB, AHM health insurance and many more.

When taking an insurance, it is important to keep note of few things that will have significance on daily life. OSHC is suppossed to be taken by students only. Any international students and their dependents with the visa subclass 500, they must either have student health cover (OSHC), or medicare. This is to remain legally in Australia. Students from some countries are not made mandatory for OSHC.