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Education (Enrolment and Support)

KRP Consult, its’ Dedication & Support; International Student Services

KRP Consult is determined to provide seamless service to its’ clients who arrives in Australia for a higher education. We understand how loadful of stress one student carries in Australia as an international student. This is certainly not an easy thing for those carrying education and training in Australia.

We truly understand the stress of one being far away from their family. Getting along to a new culture is another challenge. Being employed for experience while expanding the knowledge and skills on their areas of study. All of these can be more stressful when a wrong decision is made. This eventually takes the time, financial resource and most importantly the energy and excitement.

To have all these alligned and provide right support with no issues, KRP Consult is here. We are committed to our students residing all around Australia. To ensure the high amount of safety and security to students, we include our in-house Qualified Counsellors. These counsellers are are certified through PIER to carry out the task as required by international student. We ensure our activites remain in line with the legislation set by Department of Home Affairs, Australia.

Our experts in education and visa services can help you achieve the right goal in right time. Not only this, we do offer free counselling to our clients. This can be taken through Registered Migration Agent who are registered through the office of MARA. It is a requirement for a person to be registered with MARA to carry out the task of migration and visa related services.

As of this time, Covid-19 pandemic is hitting all of us. Considering the effect of pandemic to international students, we have been practising home-service for those who are afraid to get out of home. Through the help of phone counselling and electronic communication, we have been serving our students for enrolment and visa services.

To support our students with more flexible and accessible options, we have liased with several health insurance providers from Australia. It is mandatory for an international student to have a medical insurance or other arrangement with them. This depends on the requirement set to each country by Department of Home Affairs. This is known as OSHC for Overseas Student Health Cover in Australia. Here is the link to find regulations related to OSHC. To find affordable options on OSHC and OVHC, KRP Consult can provide market leading quotes. These quotes are taken from top health insurance providers of Australia. This includes Bupa Health Service, Allianz Health, Medibank, NIB, AHM health insurance and many more.

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