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Why KRP Consult

In Compliance with MARA and QEAC

In order to supply our students and clients with precision service and  counselling in the required quality, we use uniform standards in all areas  worldwide: In research and development, training and advanced training,  trade course and higher education, and migration advices. Because of our “zero-defect principle” and our valid certifications, we always provide our clients with high-precision counselling at the desired level of quality.

MARA STANDARD – Nationally at a high level

With our uniform standards adopted from Migration Agents Registration Authority, we ensure that every client receives the expected level of service.  We are developing this market step-by- step by establishing new locations – so that we are located right where our customers are. All services are based company-wide specifications under   strict observance        of our and MARA’s principles. This applies for Migration Law and every other legal requirement.

QEAC STANDARDS – Put into practice every day

High quality is not a “one-off”, but a continuous task. Our zero-defect principle thus applies at all our education services. It is understood by our employees and serves to identify and eliminate weaknesses early on – and therefore prevent errors in the first place. VISA Helps’ education counselling policy is based on internationally applicable guidelines and standards achieved from PIER’s standard. The objective is to ensure the highest process reliability and service quality throughout all phases – from counselling and enrolment right up to service. This policy has gained the trust of our students.