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Migration in Australia

Migration is not an easy decision to make. However, if you are intending to migrate Australia on a skilled visa, it is also not that tough as long as you fulfill the criteria. Obviously, it’s not that easy too since there are many lined up for the process and you might have to face a tough or mild competition depending on your occupation type. Here are basic things we would like to talk about Skilled Migration process in Australia.

These things should be kept in mind if you have recently arrived in Australia and are intending to migrate here permanently. Likewise a Green Card in United States, government here calls it Permanent Residency for those who are granted a visa to stay and remain in Australia for indefinite time. However, this also comes with few terms and condition which is not that difficult to fulfill as long as you intend to contribute on Australian economy.

You need to understand the basic words such as ceiling that refers to the word quota. The allocation for each occupation  is updated every new financial year. Other word of invitation means the number of invitations given for PR which does not reflect the number of invitations accepted by applicants.

  • Step One

Count your eligibility criteria through point based system. Before guiding to a step on lodging a visa, walk with us while we take you to the pragmatical process of how points are achieved for skilled migration from here. You can take help of our Points Calculator to do so.

  •  Step Two

Lodge your Expression of Interest (EOI) once you achieve your assessment from the relevant authority. EOIs are usually lodged from SkillSelect portal from Department of Home Affairs (DHA). You can do it by yourself however it is best advised to catch a Registered Migration Agent to avoid any errors in EOI. Please remember, once you receive a successful outcome of invitation from DHA and if it is found to have the information given wrong (mistakenly or intentionally), your invitation will be dismissed or cancelled and in a worst case scenario you could be penalised for submitting wrong information. It is best advised not to lodge multiple EOIs for same occupation. The system is designed to accept multiple application through single EOI for one occupation. For example, you could lodge Visa Subclasses 189, 190, 491, 188 and 132.

  •  Step Three

If you are applying for a state/territory nomination, you need to lodge your application separately for the State or Territory. This process is different from one state to another and has cost involved in it. Please find a suitable Registered Migration Agent (RMA) to know more in details for each state as it has completely different process for each state or territory. Each state has different requirements for you to qualify for PR pathway and it also depends on visa category.

  •  Step Four

If you are applying Skilled Nomination Visa and if positive outcome has been given for it, you may now proceed ahead with your visa application. Visa Application can be lodged in a web or paper-based documents. You may find a suitable RMA to help you with this process however this process can also be completed on your own. The important thing to notice is resulting in providing insufficient information and wrong information might get your application cancelled and you may not be eligible to apply for PR which means you will have to start another process again from Step 1 and this time the criteria could be different from the past.

  • Step Five

Wait for a visa outcome. Upon receiving successful outcome, you will now be eligible to stay in Australia for indefinite time by meeting the conditions imposed on your visa.